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Welcome to Prospaerum the premium life insurance management and keyman insurance broker in Sydney.

Our experienced team offers a range of services centering around financial planning, life insurance comparison, superannuation and investment advice. Whether you need insurance advice on key man, business or trauma, our friendly, Sydney based insurance team is here to help.
Services We Offer

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What Financial Advice Can Do For You


There are many different types of financial advice; it all depends on your goals and situation. One of our team will talk with you to ascertain your current position and financial goals and work with you to find the best course of action.


A personalised plan for you could be to secure your financial future, solve current financial problems, maximise your earning capacity, removing stress over money concerns, or planning for a rainy day. Whatever your worries, a financial planner can guide you through this and build a plan to help you achieve your goals.


Continually Developing Team of Experts

Prospaerum advisors are already highly skilled and trained when they join the company. To stay at the top of the game they continually update their knowledge through professional development courses. Things can change in the industry fast and they want to continually have the most up to date technical knowledge, so they can advise customers proficiently.


If you need life insurance comparison, Income Protection Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Business Insurance or a keyman insurance broker in Sydney or even just some friendly advice on your financial situation, Prospaerum advisors are here to help. 


Give us a call on 02 8095 6494 for more information.


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