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Personal Insurance


Insurance is a form of protection – a way to protect yourself, your family and the things you own if something goes wrong.


Everybody’s circumstances are different, but insurance is important for everybody. Your need for insurance will change as you move through the different stages of your life.


There are many different types of insurance, and we can help you find the right level of protection for your needs.


Personal insurance provides protection against sickness, injury and death, and includes:


Estate Planning
Estate Planning


Estate planning is about wealth succession

– a way to help protect the wealth you have built over your lifetime, so that it is distributed according to your wishes following your death.


You spend a large part of your life working toearn money to look after yourself, to provide for your family and to save for the future. Given the focus that is placed on creating wealth while you are alive, it seems logical to want some control over what happens to these assets once you are gone.


Estate planning is about giving you that control. Control to make sure that:


  • the people you care about are looked after once you are gone, and

  • your assets are passed to the people you want to receive them.

Succession Planning, Buy-sell, Key Man, Debt Protection
Business Succession


Most businesses have one or more key people whose continued association with the business, as a result of their investment, experience, technical expertise or connections, provide the business with a significant and direct economic gain.


Their loss from a business could result in a significant impact on revenue, profit or other financial aspects of a business.


The purpose of a business succession plan is to ensure the smooth continuation of a business in the event of the loss of a key person. It is a very important, but often overlooked part of business planning. A lack of succession planning can have a dramatic effect on the continued success of a business and because of this should be a priority for all businesses.


It needs to take into consideration not only the business conditions, but the individual circumstances and future goals of each business partner and their family. 

Wealth Management, Creation, Accumulation, Budgeting
Wealth Management


There are many options, and so much available information, on how to build wealth that most of us are uncertain as to the best way to go about it.


Most people usually just want to make the most of what they have, avoid mistakes and take advantage of opportunities. And, of course, make money, so they can create the life they want.


Deciding on the right financial path for you and determining the right balance of investments is not always easy. A good financial adviser can help you understand the options, avoid costly mistakes, make smart choices and help you stay on track.



Superannuation, or ‘super’, is a way to save money for your future. It is important to understand how much super you’ll need, and how to best manage the money for your retirement.


Through super, you can hold a wide range of investments such as shares, property

and cash.


Superannuation is attractive because it receives favourable tax treatment, both when you are working and once you have retired. The government offers these tax savings to encourage you to build your super assets.


Employers must pay superannuation contributions on behalf of their employees. You can also choose to add money into superannuation out of your own pocket. If you are self-employed, you can choose whether to contribute to superannuation.

Allocated Pension, Age Pension, Retirement, Transition to Retirement
Support in Retirement


The purpose of the Age Pension is to make sure you have enough income in retirement. It is a fortnightly payment made by the government to help you meet the cost of living, if your retirement savings are below a certain level.


To be eligible for the Age Pension, you must have reached a certain age. If you satisfy the age criteria, your current level of wealth is then assessed to determine whether you can receive a payment.


You are also assessed based on whether:


  • you are single or a member of a couple, and

  • you own your own home.

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